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Should have eight

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dear Editor,

I agree that David Hahn, the Democratic candidate for governor, should debate Governor Heineman in Lincoln, Omaha, and McCook. But I also think that Gov. Heineman should meet Mr. Hahn for eight debates, spread across the state, with each candidate asking questions of his opponent rather than taking canned "softballs" from a media representative. This would give many more Nebraskans the ability to judge the candidates on their merits. This is particularly important for the residents of the 3rd District.

Mr. Hahn would like to ensure that each debate is covered by every possible form of media. The single, state wide, televised debate you referred to in your article was an option offered to counter Governor Heineman's opposition to the eight suggested debates.

Governor Heineman was challenging his Republican contenders in the primary elections to as many debates as he could set with them. Why the flip-flop? What has he got to lose? I can only guess.

The fact that Governor Heineman's entourage has unilaterally "agreed" to a series of three debates, whose format has been structured to favor the governor, does not mean that there has been an "agreement" with his opponent.

I call on Governor Heineman to accept David Hahn's challenge of eight debates spread throughout the state. We Nebraskan's deserve to hear, first-hand, the candidates as they ask and answer questions of one another.

Brian Osborn

Phelps County Democrats


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