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Tower welcome in my backyard

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the approval of a cell tower 12 miles south of McCook. This tower is to be built IN MY BACK YARD! I did not attend the meeting to protest because I am absolutely delighted that this will be done.

I often refer to my cell phone as the most worthless piece of equipment I have ever had the misfortune to own. I have heard many others express the same opinion. I once lost service driving up Norris Avenue.

I cannot use my cell phone inside my house. Cell service between McCook and North Platte is practically non-existent. The new towers are designed to provide service which does not now exist.

A group of us just returned from mid-Iowa, and paid particular attention to towers as we traveled. The landscape was dotted with them. City, country, residential -- everywhere you looked. 

McCook apparently is the only place on this part of the continent where a handful of NIMBY's and a City Council that kowtows to a vocal minority will override any potential benefit to the community as a whole.

Historically this council has worked to impede progress and squelch any and all entrepreneurial or progressive venture.

I thoroughly agree with Cynthia Skaritka when she advised the people of McCook to remember the negativity, rudeness and lack of foresight of this council when they go to the polls.

Nancy L. Wilhelm


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