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Farmers Market

Friday, June 23, 2006

Dear Editor,

It is time to start thinking about fresh produce that gardeners and farmers are growing this year. McCook Main Street Farmers Market is a social event where you meet friends and neighbors while you shop the vendors. This event is not only a growers market but open to baked products such as breads, cookies, cakes, rolls, fruit pies and more.

No cream pies or baked goods, which require refrigeration will be allowed. Inspected meat vendors must be approved and provide refrigeration.

The Farmers Market will be held on the parking lot west of Peterson's Jewelry, Eakes Office Plus and east of the alley by Farrell's Hallmark Shop.

The Market will open July 1, Saturday, at 8 a.m. and run until all vendors leave, which is usually around noon.

For the year 2006, stalls will be furnished at no cost. The size of each stall will be large enough for a vehicle or pickup truck and table.

Items offered for sale must be home grown produce or homemade baked products.

The venders bringing produce may also have a few homemade crafts such as baskets and other items. There is always a need for a large variety of food products at the market.

Customers and vendors are always needed to make the program successful.

Vendors be ready to fill your pickups and vehicles, the customers tell me they will be waiting.

For more information please contact. Ivan Schmid project Manager (345-3081).


Ivan Schmid


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