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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Editor,

I'm glad to see that some things never change, like the fact that McCook is still the "City Without Limits," provided you have the right last name, right amount of money or the right connections. I refer in this instance to the cell towers than have been placed in two places where they weren't wanted and not placed in the other. The only difference was who had the money and who didn't.

Once again, those who have nothing were steam rolled by the "Gang of Four" while one lone dissenter stood for those who have nothing, so to speak. I applaud Aaron Kircher for his stand in regard to the north tower protest.

Just because a person has a home that is valued at over a certain amount doesn't mean that they should get preferential treatment.

What we need this election is to get rid of the "Gang of Four" and replace them with people who represent the working class of people who make up the majority of the populace here in McCook. One can write in a name on the ballot if they think the person or persons will do a better job than the ones already there. I know of at least one person who's tired of the status quo and who would take the job if elected, and you can take that however you want.

It's high time that the main populace of this fair city got a fair hearing at the council meetings and elections are the only way that will ever happen. Get out and vote.

Robert Yost,


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