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Bible questions

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear Editor,

Writer Ray poses some interesting questions in his letter of 6-19 A.D. 2006. Perhaps I can provide some information that will answer those questions to his satisfaction.

The "Bi-" in Bible means two, two testaments, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Testament means "Promise" hence, the old Promise and the New Promise.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose on the third day, this was the beginning of the new Promise. If you want a clear understanding of the Bible, start reading with the book of John. There are some very interesting verses in John, and my all time favorite is John 3:3.

He is risen, Hallelujah!


George R. Anderson,


P.S. With North Korea and Iran dabbling in nuclear weapons, now is a very opportune time to begin reading the Holy Bible.

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