Letter to the Editor

Resignation letter

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Editor,

To the Culbertson School District Patrons:

On Monday evening, the Culbertson School Board voted 4-1 to accept the interlocal agreement with the Hitchcock County Unified School District. As the dissenting voter, I would like to explain to you my reasons for voting against the agreement as written.

Several months ago, the Culbertson board asked our patrons their wishes for our district's future. By 13 votes, our patrons chose to stay with the Unified District. The board then formally voted to work with the Unified District on a new agreement and to ratify it IF it was a fair, equitable agreement.

Changes and terms of the agreement have been discussed at both local and Unified meetings. In April, the Culbertson board voted to ask a local attorney to review the agreement to see if it was equitable and equally protected Culbertson's interests.

Over the past week, the attorney told more than one board member that he had concerns about the agreement pertaining to how a district could withdraw from the Unification.

His opinion is that the agreement is not in Culbertson's best interest and that his recommendation would be to not ratify it without changes.

At the May Culbertson board meeting, the board decided to accept the interlocal agreement as written, despite the attorney's advice, by a vote of 4-1.

Reasons for accepting it included "time is too short before the existing agreement expires" and "because Trenton and Stratton have said they will not agree to any change, so what else can we do?"

It is my belief that these are not good reasons for ignoring legal advice and signing an agreement that was not written in Culbertson's best interests. Based on the attorney's advice, I voted in a way I feel best represents Culbertson's interests.

Therefore, this letter also serves as my letter of resignation from the Culbertson School Board, effective immediately.

I'm proud to have represented the patrons of the Culbertson district. I have tried to stay true to the promise I made to the voters to do what I thought was honest, best for the education of Culbertson's youngsters, and in the best interest of the district.

Thank you for your support.

Linda Koch,


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