Letter to the Editor

Wisdom of youth

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Editor,

Young lady comes up to the store. Says, Mr. BILL I hate my life.

I asked her how old she was. She said 15 years old. I said you want a driver's license I bet? NO was her answer. I said then what's the problem? The girl said "I'm (jail bait)."

Now in 23 years on the streets of McCook that is a first.

So I said " you must like someone 18 years old or more.

She said "it ain't fair. I like all the guys over 18, they're so nice and not jerks like the boys my ages."

I said "don't look too hard; guys can be jerks at any age. I think the law however is for your protection."

Her last word on the subject as she turned away was "they don't want anything different than the guys my age want."

There was a bit of wisdom there, though misguided. There are 10 thousand stories in our McCook human jungle.

Bill Donze


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