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Keep parents in loop

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Editor,

We have been reading with interest plans to add more time to McCook's school day next year.

Perhaps there are good reasons for extending the hours in school, not only for high school students, but for Central and elementary students as well.

However, not one teacher nor parent I have approached had any foreknowledge this decision was being made.

It would seem the City Council's recent troubles with the perception of secret decision-making have had no effect on our administrators and school board.

If elementary students are required to go to school earlier and spend more time on the bus shouldn't someone at least attempt to justify the change to parents?

If Central is going to abandon home room periods so the high school can adopt them, shouldn't parents and teachers have been consulted?

As far as giving high school students more access to junk food, isn't there a nutritional committee in place to review school food offerings? Have they been consulted?

Perhaps they would suggest some healthy food items Sodexo would be capable of providing.

Finally, what is the rush? If the new schedule has merit, why not give the community time to be persuaded and get behind the changes?

Kara Schmidt,


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