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Misguided outcry

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dear Editors,

I have always been the type to just shake my head and keep quiet about various letters to the editor that have no basis until now. I sincerely feel the need to ask Daniel Bonar "What are you thinking?"

I think you have obviously been misguided in your thoughts about the paper's reporting. You are complaining about the "bullet-point rehashes of church sermons" just because you have not put your faith in Jesus Christ. Well, I have not put my faith in baseball but you don't see me complaining about the "bullet-point rehashes" of the Cornhuskers game against Iowa.

And I certainly have not put my faith in the City Council but I didn't find the "bullet-point rehashes" of the council meetings offensive either. The paper reports on many events around our town and across the globe. However, it needs not give a history lesson on every event it covers to call it news.

I wish that your letter was factual when you implied that McCook lacks a sizable Buddhist or other non-Christian population. I will give you as much to say that I haven't seen any statues of Buddha erected with a gathering of worshippers, so we may be lacking in Buddhists.

As for a lack of non-Christians, if this were true all of our churches would be overflowing on Sunday morning and new churches would have to be built to accommodate everyone. This is a great thought and is a terrific goal for us to shoot for, but unfortunately it is not reality at this time.

Finally, I must address your nonsense that "since these groups haven't declared a month of unholiness or godlessness they just don't rate a story."

We clearly are not reading the same paper here! Look at the numerous articles in the paper about the crime, violence and violation of our society. I have never found a day that the paper has only good things to report about the godly things all of our godly citizens have partaken in.

I am not saying that all the bad news and only bad news come from this "non-Christian group." I am quite confident that Christians have committed horrific sins and non-Christians have done great deeds that have been reported in the McCook Gazette.

I am also quite certain that the space devoted to the "Lenten Lessons" is a very small portion of the paper's space -- one small section recapping various preachers declaring that Jesus is Lord versus the rest of the paper recapping other events without mention of any religious affiliation.

I certainly don't think that (justifies) your outcry.

Brenda Sitzman,


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