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New name

Friday, April 7, 2006

Dear Editor,

First, let me give you my compliments on the story in today's paper called, "City-county jail subcommittee open for business."

Whoever wrote it was great at writing in a clear, understandable fashion.

Second, I need to make a point of clarification or correction regarding the story. The portion that contains an error is in the sixth paragraph, when the article discusses bond proceeds or a sales tax and mentions Dan Smith and Paul Grieger of D.A. Davidson & Co.

As a point of clarification, D.A. Davidson & Co. is NOT a division of Kirkpatrick Pettis, as the story says. Instead, D.A. Davidson & Co. is the new name for what USED to be Kirkpatrick Pettis.

Kirkpatrick Pettis was purchased more than a year ago and is now fully integrated with D.A. Davidson.

If anyone mentioned the name Kirkpatrick Pettis, it was only so that people would recognize the former name -- since it was a company based in Omaha and had strong name recognition across Nebraska.

I wanted to point that out so your paper can ensure full accuracy in future stories. Please call me if you have questions.


Jacquie Burchard

Public Relations

Davidson Companies

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