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Friday, March 31, 2006

Dear Editor,

Regarding Mayor Berry's comments in the Gazette on 2/27 defending the actions of City Council and supporting Mr. Bingham, I see things differently.

Mr. Berry claimed things were done by the book and were completely legal.

There's a book that says "an eye for an eye" however we no longer live by the book in this instance. The book that told us how to build a home in 1920 no longer applies. Many things are completely legal but are unethical.

Ethics from City Council never entered this equation. Mayor Berry also states his polls show our community split 50-50 on Bingham.

Who did he poll? Those city employees riding first class on the Bingham gravy train don't count. Polling while looking the mirror doesn't count either. I suggest he walk down Norris and take a poll.

He tells us to void the Bingham contract would probably result in litigation.

I believe the contract is an "Employment at will" contract with no guaranteed term which means Mr. Bingham can quit at any time and council can fire him at any time. Regardless, neither the threat of or fear of litigation should keep honorable men from implementing the will of the people.

Several councilmen have touted Mr. Bingham's accomplishments with regard to the water and sewer problems. These solutions were the result of efforts by engineers and contractors, John is neither, and was merely in the neighborhood. He did prove if you throw enough money at a problem it will probably go away.

Watching him attempt to deal with various issues, I expected to pick up the paper and read that he wanted to hire a consultant to see if he should hire a consultant.

How do I judge his performance? I compare my 2002 water and sewer bill with my 2006. I compare my 2002 real estate taxes with my 2005. I think of the MPPD tower being shot down, his stand against a joint jail, manipulating the air base mess so property owners would be stuck with the $1,000,000 loss, ticketing an 82-year-old lady because she wanted to improve her home, suing the county over a minor and negotiable item, paying a $300,000 fine for environmental violations, turning down subdivisions, bringing residential construction to a standstill, enforcing an ordinance that did not exist which cost builders thousands, bloating the number and payroll of city employees.etc.

City council needs to ask themselves, " If Mr. Bingham were running for re-election, would he be re-elected by the citizens?" Instead they are betting we will let this fade. We'll go to our recliners and say "what's the use, what's on TV?"

How successful would the Boston Tea Party have been if everyone stayed home hoping their neighbor would handle the protest? Washington would not have crossed the Delaware if everyone in the boat decided to sit back and let the other guy do the rowing!

It's up to us. One more generation of complacency will be too late for McCook.

We are all in the same boat, we should leave our oars at home but we must attend City Council meeting on April 3. Car pooling might be a good idea, tar and feathers are not.

Nuf said,

Bill Frasier


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