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WEC compliment

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear Editor,

Since moving to this community, I have heard and read about the wonderful things the men and women from the Work Ethic Camp have done and continue to do for the community of McCook.

I would like to add another that compliments the integrity of these workers. I had friends from Iowa last fall staying at Karrer Park with another couple on their way to Colorado.

They were riding their motorcycles and the morning they were ready to leave, one set of their keys to the cycle was lost. My friends relayed this information to me a few days later.

I went to city hall and explained the story. One of the ladies had heard some keys had been turned in to the police department. When I went to the police station, the keys were there and had been found by one of the WEC volunteers that clean the park area.

What an asset to our community. Kudos to the WEC volunteers and thanks for all you do for our community. 

Pam Wesch


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