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Not quite cricket

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

If I read the paper correctly, when Mr. Bingham left here, he was leaving a salary of $78,000. Again, the news was, he is returning for $82,179. Now it has been rounded up to $83,000.

Where does this COLA apply? Social Security recipients didn't get such a percentage of a raise.

The rule of thumb when someone leaves a position, if they return, they should be a new employee and begin at the bottom again, receiving no accrued benefits from their previous employment.

What's all the deal of "retirement benefits," (6 1/2 percent)? I'm certainly no attorney, but common sense doesn't think things are quite "cricket."

When people retire, it is their perogative. Whoever heard of an employer paying someone to retire? Furthermore, Mr. Bingham didn't retire. Yes, he retired (quit) from McCook. He only used McCook as a spring-board for a (supposed to be) better job. Watch out; history usually repeats itself.

Council members, you are employees and should be working for the benefit of your employer (the taxpayers). Please use your heads for something other than to keep your ears apart.

Think. Over-spending!

Esther Wissbaum,


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