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Two more votes

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

We give our support to the citizens of McCook who believe that John Bingham should not be rehired as City Manager.

We had planned on building five duplexes on East 7th and H Street. This development would have increased the tax base by over a million dollars. However, we suffered hassles and delays and ill-health brought on by stress over what we felt were broken promises and misinterpretation of laws.

We felt Mr. Bingham wanted power and cared little about working with people to help build McCook.

We still own the lots that were not developed so we are tax payers in McCook, but do not want to risk our lives on the roads to make it to the City Council meeting tonight. We want to add our two votes to the many others that protest the way John Bingham was "hired."

Gwen and Bill Davis


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