Letter to the Editor

Tower revisited

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the comments about the city manager.

One subject that has not been mentioned is the need for a taller communication tower by the McCook Public Power District to ensure the utmost safety of their employees as they deal with a minimum voltage several times greater than used by the electric chair in Lincoln.

They need to be in solid contact with all members of the crew.

The waiver to erect a taller tower was blocked by Mr. Bingham over concerns of possibly losing a few (grant) dollars. Compare a few dollars to one worker's life! It was published that the FAA would allow a tower near the edge of the three-mile zone.

This confirms my belief that any pilot that far off the glide scope of the ILS (instrument landing system) has no business flying IFR (instrument flight rules).

Cloyd Peters,


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