Letter to the Editor

Reluctant resident

Monday, March 13, 2006

Dear Editor,

I am a retired farmer who moved to McCook in 1980. I built and live in the same house today as I did when I moved here.

My taxes have more than doubled; water, trash and sewer has more than tripled.

My gas bill is considerably higher, so I don't figure out how our City Council plans on the people of McCook to continue to pay these bills.

To bring the city manager back and give him a raise with all the debts the city has now ... if I had run my farm business the way the City Council runs the business of McCook, I would have lost my farm years ago.

I can't see why McCook needs a city manager anyhow, no larger than McCook is.

I was told McCook was run for several years without a city manager, the mayor was elected by the people and the population was larger than it is now.

I hope they realize McCook is made up of a lot of retired people and there is not that much industry here in McCook.

If I knew what I do now about McCook, I would have never moved to McCook.

Fran Broz,


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