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Fix the problem

Monday, March 13, 2006

Dear Editor,

I've read with some interest the goings on of the City Council, or at least some of it's members and all I can say is that we, the citizens of McCook, have been handed a red-herring. I don't know how it came about that the old city manager got his job back so handily without having to be interviewed like the other applicants did, but something sure doesn't seem to be kosher.

I also wonder why Mr. Bingham came back after just two weeks. Surely it takes more than a couple of weeks to find out that you've made a mistake.

Or was it that the folks in Oregon got to digging into past issues of the Gazette and decided that they couldn't afford Mr. Bingham, either?

What ever the case, something sure smells funny about the whole deal. A person doesn't have to see a skunk to know there's one in the wood pile.

Come election time, I'm going to do what I can to try and fix the problem, and I hope enough others feel the same way that the problem gets fixed.

It's time that the regular citizens get a fair shake instead of just those with enough money to be influential.


Robert A. Yost,


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