Letter to the Editor

Poor senators

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

The poor senators don't make more than $5.75 per hour. The poor things, the shame of it all, and they don't have any health insurance either? Oh, the horrors of it all (wringing hands in anguish).

How about all of the single parents out there who are working two or more part-time jobs just to try to eke out a single fulltime paycheck?

They don't have any health insurance, and if they make a nickel more than is allowed, they don't get any state aid either.

Gee whiz. When did anyone ever give two hoots in a bucket about any of them? When was the last time any of them got a pay raise mandated by the state?

I sure don't remember, but if memory serves me right, the minimum wage is less than the $5.75 the senators get.

When the senators show some concern for the working poor who are between a rock (low wages) and a hard place (high medical prices and costs at the store), I'll consider voting for them to have a raise.

Until then, they can go whistle in a rain barrel for all I care.

Robert A. Yost


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