It's Progress week on the Golden Plains

Monday, February 20, 2006

For the second week in a row, many of us are finding ourselves planted in front of the television set, watching the unfolding of dramatic events of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

It's heartening and exciting to see young athletes -- and many of them not so young -- putting their hard-won skills and determination to the ultimate test.

From skating to curling, skiing and snowboarding to the biathlon and hockey, competitors are seeing just how far their individual skills and determination can take them.

Yes, the games are an important event, if only because they come around only every four years -- two if you count the Summer Olympics as part of the mix.

But some of the same qualities are at play in the everyday drama of competition and achievement that keeps our economy going. Our livelihoods depend on the same determination and hard work that can lead to the Olympic podium.

There aren't any medals in the everyday work place, but there is just as much reason to be proud of our entrepreneurial spirit.

That's what this week's editions of the McCook Daily Gazette will celebrate.

Each day, today through Friday, the newspaper will include a special section highlighting the year's achievements.

Today, a 12-page section will feature McCook businesses, whether they are entirely new enterprises, new owners, major improvements or expansions.

Tuesday, the emphasis will be on regional Progress.

Wednesday will highlight industry and agriculture -- no industry is more important to the Golden Plains than agriculture, still the region's lifeblood.

Thursday spotlights banks and financial institutions, as well as the spiritual side of life as manifested in church growth.

Friday's edition will include more Progress as well as recognition of businesses for their number of years of service.

Browsing through the hundreds of stories and photos, it's obvious that, like the Olympics, establishing business is often the province of the young and ambitious. Many of them represent the next generation of businesses that have been serving the area for decades.

It's encouraging as well, however, that the more experienced among us are still finding many opportunities to create our own enterprises.

Enjoy today's special edition. And, check back the rest of the week for more news about Progress in the Golden Plains.

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