Gift does more than help a cause

Friday, February 3, 2006

By giving $1 million to Curtis for a community center, George F. Garlick did more than help out a worthy cause. Of equal importance, Garlick spotlighted what an excellent place this area is for raising children.

The generous donor expressed the sentiment well in the gift announcement: "It is impossible to explain the impact of character, integrity and humility possessed by my father and other fine citizens of Curtis," Garlick said.

In a success story which has been often repeated, Garlick was inspired by his Curtis upbringing, going forward to become the principal inventor of ultrasonic holography. His invention has made an immense contribution to health care, helping to detect lesions of the breast during diagnostic imaging.

Everyone who interacted with the Garlick family during their time in Curtis deserve a share of the credit for the community center gift. The people of the Curtis area provided the foundation which started George Garlick on the path to success.

He is one of many from this area who have gone on to make great contributions to the nation and the world. Of all the great traits this area possesses, the greatest may be the environment we provide for young people. We thank George Garlick for his gift and his reminder about the importance of guiding and inspiring this area's young people.

No-Till Innovator

Congratulations go out today to Paul Schaffert, the Indianola inventor who was recognized as the 2005 winner of the No-Till Innovator Award. He was honored last month during the National No-Till Conference in St. Louis.

The award was well deserved. During his career in the agriculture and business fields, Schaffert has been a cutting edge innovator in no-till farming, creating the Crust Breaker toolbar attachment, the Furrow V Closer planter, the Rebounder seed cover and Y-Not Split-It fertilizer applicator.

In this region, Paul's inventive skills have been appreciated for many years. Now, it's good to see he is receiving the national recognition that he so richly deserves.

Showing the importance of Paul's work are the side-by-side variety trials he has conducted for the past seven years. In direct comparisons with plots planted by conventional methods, the no-till fields averaged 20 to 25 bushels per acre more.

Paul Schaffert truly is an innovator. His inventions have contributed greatly to to the success of no-fill farming.

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