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Conference impact

Monday, January 30, 2006

Dear Editor;

I read Dawn's (Cribbs') column in Wednesday's paper and it was such a well-written column about the Women's Conference and the impact Kathy Troccoli and Dee Brestin made on the lives of so many women this past weekend.

In our Thursday morning Bible study we had such a blessing as we talked about the conference and how it affected our lives and others that the ladies in our Bible study had talked with.

The impact with the seat situation was a tremendous witness to what God can and will do through prayer. Many lives were touched by the fact that the seats came into McCook at 10 a.m., and were finished and the cleanup was completed in time for the doors to open at 6 p.m. for Kathy's concert. A miracle from God!

All of us as born again believers serve an awesome God!

Thanks so much to our women's directors and the many women who helped make the Women's Conference happen.

Thanks also to McCook Christian Church for allowing the women to use their bathroom facilities. They helped us out so much in not having to stand in long lines at our break times.

Lucile Banzhaf


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