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Questions for the candidates

Monday, December 19, 2005

Dear Editor,

This letter is directed to the candidates for office. I hope that those seeking office here in Nebraska pay it some attention as it would affect all of the tax payers.

I don't care about your values, I don't care about your religious affiliation, nor do I care how long you've been married, how often or how many children you have. That is of no consequence to anyone. I don't care what your grandfather or father have done or where you grew up. There are far more important things, as far as I am concerned.

I want to know when you plan to reform Social Services so that those who are trying to work and be responsible citizens get the help they need for groceries and medical assistance instead of it going to some loafers who have learned to milk the system like a cow. I know of people who are in wheel chairs who are working, I work with two people who have medical problems that come to work every day, regardless of how bad they feel and they stay the whole shift.

One of these people is well beyond the age of retirement and still has to work just to get by. There is one person here in town that I know of who can't meet the co-pay at the pharmacy for drugs needed to alleviate back pain so this person can work. Those drugs are the better part of $100.00 a month and I pay it so this person can try to make a living. This person tried to get food stamps and medical assistance for prescriptions and was turned down. Just a couple dollars a month too much in income from the job this person has is the reason given. I won't offer my opinion as to why this person didn't get any help because it isn't very nice.

The counties and the state complain every fiscal year that they have to terminate some service or the other due to budget constraints and they lay off workers.

Why not put the loafers on welfare to work in projects like the WPA and CCC. They get state or county aid so let them earn it constructively.

Those who can't work due to serious disabilities would be exempt, but having children is no excuse.

There are a lot of single mothers who work, go to school, or both in an effort to get off the welfare rolls.

These people deserve the help because they are trying to help themselves to achieve a better life.

What could these people do? How about work at cleaning up the parks and recreation areas or helping on road crews.

How about picking up trash along the highways or helping at all of the myriad other things the state and counties have a hard time funding every year. In this way, the state, counties and taxpayers all benefit, and in the long run, so do those who had to get off their posteriors and go to work. They get on the job training and skills with which to continue earning wages instead of being on the "dole."

The work gets done, the taxpayers don't get an increase and those who don't want to work will go to states where they don't have to work.

Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Until such time as the candidates have something of substance to offer, I shall continue to switch the channel or press the mute button.


Robert A. Yost


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