Calling the new school just what it is

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's McCook Elementary!

The official naming of McCook Elementary school brings to mind the phase popularized by Sherlock Holmes, "It's elementary, my dear Watson." Now that the naming process is complete, it seems obvious that the McCook Board of Education made the right choice in selecting McCook Elementary as the school's name.

That's the McCook way: call things what they are. That has been the practice since the town's beginning, as shown by the school titles of McCook Elementary, Central Elementary, McCook Junior High, McCook High School and McCook Community College.

The naming tradition does not mean, however, that the community should not keep looking for appropriate ways to honor outstanding citizens. In years past, the town has memorialized the late U.S. Sen. George Norris by naming main street and the central park after him, and has remembered late Gov. Ralph Brooks by placing his name on the college residence hall.

Several worthy names -- including Morrison, Nelson, Brooks and Coleman -- came up as suggestions for the new primary (k-3) school. These and other distinguished citizens should be kept in mind when other naming opportunities arise.

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