Letter to the Editor

Apology needed?

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Dear Editor,

So let's see "the only thing President Clinton was actually guilty of was having an overactive libido and bad taste in women"?

I guess that explains why in his last days in office he struck a deal with the office of the special prosecutor, where Clinton admitted to making misleading testimony (perjury) and he was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas.

I don't think Clinton would have made such a deal if he only had an overactive libido, which, of course, is not a crime.

And yes, this would fall under the chief law enforcement officers simply doing their job.

What partisan politics is the writer's reference to a bad taste in women?

Monica Lewinsky was a young intern working in Washington and our then- married President Clinton took advantage of her.

Here you have the most powerful man in the world taking advantage of a young intern and you say he has a bad taste in women?

I guess if she would have lied under oath to protect Bill she would have been a good woman?

That's the problem with a lot of Democrats. They can't see the forest through the trees and in this case, if you say the truth under oath about one of them, you're labeled a bad woman.

Mike I think you owe Monica an apology.

Kirt Matson


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