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Add up the cost

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Dear Editor,

After reading the article about needing new comfortable seats for the McCook Auditorium, I did some calculating and determined I better open my checkbook and support my local community. Gas money to drive to Omaha for a good concert, $60, tickets to the concert, $50 and up, motel for two nights, $200, meals, $50, extra time on the road, hard to put a price on it.

We have lived in this community less than four years and I am so excited that Missy Nelson is diligently working to get the seats in place at the auditorium before the retreat scheduled for the latter part of January 2006.

What an opportunity to have nationally-recognized presenters of the word of Jesus Christ in our community. I went to hear one of the speakers/singers last year in Omaha and I would much rather spend that money in McCook.

What an opportunity for our community! Thanks to Missy and her helpers.  

Pam Wesch


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