Letter to the Editor

Free Cuba

Monday, August 22, 2005

Dear Editor,

Regime change in Cuba is necessary, just like in Iraq three years ago.


The evil empire is less than 100 miles from American soil. The madman, Fidel Castro, a dictator, is a threat to our values. He has thugs and cronies. The Cuban people are not allowed to vote, believe in God, or own Bibles, the Word of God.

Instead, they are forced to believe in communism. Distribution of Marxist propaganda is encouraged.

There is strong evidence there are nuculer bombs, hydrogen electromagnetic devices and barrels of nerve gas hidden away where no one can find them.

Castro lives in his palaces (very expensive) but sometimes goes out of town and hides.

What is the solution? We must bomb all areas where the enemy is, then invade Cuba and take over Havana, then occupy the entire country so they will have the democracy.

Put bounties on Castro and his family of thugs and cronies, and kill all the insurgents, or at least take them into custody and send them back to Iraq.

Then, American troops can ride around in jeeps and throw toys and candies to the Cuban children while their parents are writing the next constitution.

Then, let Freedom Ring in Cuba!

Steve Stramel,


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