MCC expects a great year

Monday, August 22, 2005

Talk to McCook Community College recruiters and public relations people and you can sense the excitement about the fall term which begins today.

"The enrollment is up for the fall term at McCook Community College," said Chuck Salestrom, the director of public information and marketing for the Mid Plains Area. "We are really, really excited. It's going to be a fabulous year."

Although official enrollment figures will not be announced until October, all signs point to a healthy increase in student numbers, about 5 percent system-wide.

"Enrollment is strong and the dorm is full," said Dr. Richard Tubbs, the vice president in charge of the McCook College campus. Many factors are contributing to the upturn in interest and attendance.

Kelly Rippen, area admissions co-ordinator/recruiter, says the success of the college's new Graphic Design program is an example. "We filled the first class within three weeks," she said, and Dr. Tubbs indicated this morning that a second class may be formed.

Rippen said another contributor to the increased enrollment is strong recruiting by the coaches of the six sports at the college: volleyball, softball, baseball, golf and men's and women's basketball. "The college board allowed additional tuition waivers, which has been a great help in recruitment," Dr. Tubbs said.

Salestrom and Rippen said there are other factors influencing the upturn in enrollment at McCook Community College. One reason, Salestrom believes, is the stability of the college administration. After considerable controversy and two short terms by presidents, college morale has been on the upswing since the selection of Dr. Michael Chipps as president.

Helping further is students' desire to stay close to home for their college studies. "That's definitely been a factor since 9-11," Rippen said. "Lately, I have noticed much greater concern about security."

The low cost of attending McCook Community College is an added incentive to stay close to home for the first two years of college. "We get tremendous support from McCook High School," Rippen said.

The people of the McCook area share the credit for the college's success, as they stood firm in their support of MCC through the tribulations of past years. Now, we need to join in welcoming students for the 2005-06 term at McCook Community College.

The college has a bright new outlook and a positive approach to the future. With our support, we can help them build on that success.

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