Letter to the Editor

Thanks, WEC

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dear Editor,

With the summer months winding down quite quickly, we feel it is time to once again express our public "Thank You" to the hard-working crews of the Work Ethic Camp in McCook. They have saved the City of Indianola many dollars, this summer, as in past summers. They have never turned down a project or task we asked them to help us with. From trimming and cleaning grass and weeds at the cemetery, washing the fire and emergency equipment for the fire department, to cutting weeds on property needing to be cleaned and helping load up tons of "junk" items from property where persons are unable to do this for themselves; they have done it!

The crews are kind, courteous and work through until the job is done. As a "for instance," they cut down tall weeds along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe right-0f-way (just off our main street), which were as tall as your head, and without being asked, they returned the next day and loaded them up for disposal.

We would just like the public to know how many of their tax dollars are being saved, in Indianola, by the help of this group.


Indianola City Council,

Clifton Lord, Mayor

Michael Harris

Denis Stritt,

Dale Stritt,

Rodney Sheets

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