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Crazy goings on

Monday, July 11, 2005

Dear Editor,

July is crazy days! More than any other month, save the nights when we have a full moon, do I see more crazy things.

In the last week, I have had two little girls come running by the store in the park screaming loud enough to shake windows a block away.

Following them, two little boys each holding a snake. Oh, the snakes were not 6- foot cobra's but rather 6-inch garter snakes, still the effect was the same.

I had a young man pull up in his new car. I asked him what the sign said on his car. He said "a for sale sign."

I said, "you just bought that car two weeks ago." He then said, in two weeks, he has gotten more than $500 in speeding fines and his parents are making him sell the car!"

I had a lady come up and tell me she had a nice 50-foot hose stolen from her yard and it was even hooked up and in use at the time. Laughing, she said there was a hundred bucks in tools laying around but they took a hose?

The craziest thing this week however was going to one of my part-time jobs at midnight and driving down the alley to the back of the bakery.

There was a young couple in the middle of the alley and you couldn't slide a butter knife between them.

Now I have over the last 14 years seen young people use the alley for private meetings, but never have I had the two enjoying each others company with another young person about three feet away filming the event in the dim lit alley? July ain't even half done yet.

Bill Donze


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