Letter to the Editor

Which option?

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Dear Editor,

Why anyone would be opposed to ending drug prohibition is beyond me. There are three entities that can control the manufacture and distribution of drugs: the government, the free market or a combination of these two, and third is Al Capone.

These are the only options. So, given these choices, why do we elect the worst option? Why provide organized crime and international terrorists a commodity to fund their efforts?

To those who believe we can somehow eliminate drugs from society, think again: drugs have been here since the beginning of time and they will always be with us. We cannot eliminate marijuana, coca and poppies from the earth. Period.

Finally, calling for an end to drug prohibition does not endorse their use. I don't think smoking tobacco is a good idea. But I don't want to prohibit it either because I see what the black market does.


Mike Smithson

Law Enforcement

Against Prohibition

Syracuse, N.Y.

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