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Just want liberty

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Dear Editor,

I am one of the "legalization lobbyists" letter writer Owen McPhillips rails against.

I am not paid. This is a labor of love for me because I am interested in liberty for all no matter where they live on the planet. 

I am a Canadian. With my cannabis criminal record I will never be able to cross the border and visit McCook. American support of drug prohibition has these types of profound ramifications all over the world.

Americans with cannabis records are welcome tourists in Canada. 

Obviously, Mr. McPhilips does not speak for all Rural Nebraskans. The "bill of goods" that "legalizers" want to sell is that the repeal of drug prohibition is just as important today as the repeal of alcohol prohibition was in 1933, for the same reasons. The policy does more harm than good.  

Desperation is not what motivates people like myself to want my side of the story told.

I am a victim of the drug war. I lost everything I had in life to the parasites of drug prohibition.

The victims of the Christian Crusaders, The Spanish Inquisitors and other scapegoat persecutions similar to the war on drugs did not have the opportunity to address their persecutors. I do and I simply do not want to see what happened to me to happen to any other human being.

Jail, a destroyed career with the railroad and forever living in poverty is the price I will pay for America's support of the immoral drug war.  

All over what was the natural right to self-medicate less than 100 years ago.   Americans need to end the world-wide destruction of lives caused by the war on (some) drugs. That means every person in every nook and cranny in America must become aware of the magnitude of the harm and ill will the drug prohibition policy America supports causes.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg Manitoba,


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