It's that time when summer picks up speed

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

It wasn't a pleasant Fourth of July for those in a strip of land near Palisade, where it looked more like Christmas, thanks to several inches of hail piled on the highway by a passing storm. Glass was broken, cornfields were stripped and wheat farmers who were able to get their crops out of the field before the storm rolled through thanked their lucky stars.

But most of us in the Golden Plains enjoyed a pleasant Independence Day, a continuation of one of the best summers, weather-wise, we have enjoyed in several years. The drought is far from over, but continued rainfall, coupled with continuing moderate temperatures, could put the end in sight.

Fireworks vendors seemed to have had a good year, judging from the noise and light around town, as well as the pyrotechnic debris scattered around our streets and sidewalks this morning. Parents shouldn't have any trouble finding some cleanup work for their bored children today.

But they won't be bored for long.

The Fourth of July may seem like a long way from fall, but the more experienced among us know that summer really picks up speed after the big holiday. Now is the time to seriously take stock of our plans and put the remaining days to good use.

Crazy Days will be here soon, then the Red Willow County Fair and enough county fairs and celebrations around the region to make your head spin.

And there's no more time to put off that project that can only be accomplished in pleasant weather. Thanks to the moderate temperatures we have been enjoying this year, this may even be the year to do that big job that we put off due to previous years' scorching temperatures.

So take time to relax and enjoy your July, but keep an eye on the calendar as well. Come fall, you'll be glad you used your summertime wisely.

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