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Miss something?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dear Editor,

Did I miss something? I read the younger Hendricks' commentary and it seemed pretty plain to me that when he said there's always a better way to do things, he wasn't leaving any group out.

Perhaps the problem is in comprehension. When I went to school down in Lincoln, we had to prove to the teacher that we could comprehend simple statements and sentences. We also had to demonstrate an ability to think for ourselves and not let someone else do it for us.

Maybe the problem is in the fact that I don't practice Bushism, I'm not a Bushite, and I don't speak Bushese. Those could lead to all of my shortcomings, but I doubt it. Perhaps it's in the fact that I had to think for myself at home and do whatever needed done myself. No one thought for me or told me how to think, and they sure as the dickens didn't spoon feed me religion or politics. I had to formulate those thoughts for myself.

Maybe I was an abused child, but I doubt it.

I think the main problem is the fact that too many politicians have proven less than honest, and too many supposed to be religious leaders have been corrupt for me to take them at face value anymore. When a politician makes promises, I look to see what his or her promises are going to cost me, and when some religious leader makes a statement, I don't hold my breath that his words are correct.

If one wants true peace in the world, get rid of the politicians and the religious nuts. Then people will manage to get along just fine. Don't believe it? Watch a bunch of kids playing and see how well they settle their minor disputes and go on with what they were doing. Then let the same group have a couple of supposed to be adults become involved and you have nothing but trouble. The grown-ups don't have brains enough to butt out and let the kids figure it out for themselves, which they will.

To further clarify a point, in the U.S. Marine Corps of my day, you weren't called a private until after you graduated recruit training. Before that magical day, you were maggots and other names that aren't printable in this venue. I was there so I have first hand knowledge. I was in the last training company of volunteers that went through "Dago" in 1965. Everyone after us were "Eight Week Wonders". Maybe those in the '70's were mollycoddled, but I don't know that for sure.

Anyway, thanks for the space.

Robert A. Yost


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