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Missed one

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to last week's (Open Forum letters) by Kirt Matson and Gary Benson. First of all, Kirt, you missed one. Clinton also said "I did not have sex with that woman." One can only imagine how many lives that lie cost. I get your drift, though. The lies by Bill, Hillary, Gore and Allbright concerning the WMDs set Bush up.

It was a trap. He believed them, and rushed into a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. It wasn't his fault there were no WMDs, so he is exonerated. Those lying liberals are to blame for the mess we are in now.

Benson says that the liberals are still crying about the election of 2000. That it was conducted in a fair manner, and all these years I thought everyone knew Bush stole it.

That Katherine Harris disqualified thousands of voters whose last name sounded like they might be felons.

That Jeb Bush dumped all the old ballot machines in the poor and black sections, knowing that the Democrats were too dumb to know how to use them.

That Sandra Goard and her crew took several thousand ballots home and remarked them with Bush's name, because they knew the people intended to vote for him, even if they didn't.

The goon squads banging on the doors of the ballot counters. And last but not least, Bush Sr. calling in his Supreme Court to save it for Jr. when it got too close for comfort.

I feel a lot better knowing it was on the up and up.

I'll bet you two guys are members of that right wing conservative group whose lament is "People who think they know everything are a real pain in the gazatch to those of us who actually do."

Bob Thayer,


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