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Aspiring astronaut?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dear Editor,

Michael Pochop (IP address wrote the following comment in response to the story:

In response to the letter submitted by Brian Wyant ["World is round" (http:// www.mccookgazette.com/story/1097645.html)] found in the May 25 edition of the McCook Gazette:

I can appreciate Mr. Wyant's familiarity with a couple of the more renowned stories from Genesis. With his narrative one has to conclude that he has had some exposure to the inspired word of God at some point in his life.

And judging from his conclusions, one must also believe that he has spent at least mere moments applying the Bible to his own life.

It reminds me of a scenario similar to reading a National Geographic, spending the night at a Holiday Inn Express and the following day declaring readiness to be an astronaut.

If you want a compass back to real truth Mr. Wyant, here it is. Water is really wet, wind is really windy, and in your lifetime you will not understand the heart of God.

But he created you, came to earth and died to have a relationship with you for eternity. In return, you merely have to accept the free gift of salvation, and repent of your life of sin.

Accept it and you will be much happier. And that's the truth too.

Brian Wyant,

via e-mail

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