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Owe Hergert apology

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dear Editor,

In the first place, the law providing funding by the State of Nebraska for an elective office is wrong.

Ask any taxpayer if his taxes should be used in this manner and I am certain they would agree. Dr. Blank, University Regent Hergert, Clark Anderson all sought and received Nebraska funds for their campaigns.

Mr. Hergert conducted a successful mail-in information campaign to the voters in Western Nebraska, pointing out that during Dr. Blank's term in office the University of Nebraska suffered a large decrease in enrollment and it was time for a change. The voters agreed.

Sometimes organizations like the University evolve in such a manner that their purpose to provide high-grade education gets lost and what emerges is an organization that exists for the benefit of its employees. It is possible that active young minds that wanted to teach at the university were "passed over" because of too many "tenures" being passed out by the Regents.

Mr. Hergert is entitled to an apology from any Senator or publication that called for his impeachment. Any first-year law student can tell you that impeachment proceedings can be brought only when wrong doing was committed while in office.

Mr. Hergert's only wrongdoing, if any, was done before he was elected.

If the legislators are looking for something to do, for starters, they can reduce our real estate taxes. Nebraska's are 300 percent higher than Colorado's on the same land.

Frank B. Svoboda

Past Candidate for the Board of Regents


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