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Full-time job

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Dear Editor,

Regarding Mr. Teter's comments ["Just greedier?" (http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/1093385.html] about having greedier senators, the record needs to be set straight. It may not be a 40-hour job per week year around, but the time and trouble put into being a senator is nothing to be taken lightly.

I can attest first hand of the time and effort put into Southwest Nebraska from Sen. Baker. He often attends many functions, meetings, fairs, etc., and many are during the busy summer months of farming.

This is not to diminish the fact that many constituents personally take it upon themselves to write/call their senator addressing various questions and concerns all the time.

Along with owning a c-store Sen. Baker farms. I work/manage many of his jobs while he is gone in Lincoln. Last time I checked during the annual session, the cows didn't quite manage to feed themselves.

What justifies payment for a public official? Is $12,000 too much for a state senator, or not enough? U.S. senators/congressmen are paid $158,100 per year. Do they really need it to survive with the large national deficit we now have? They can even vote themselves a pay raise amongst themselves. They don't need voter approval.

I can recall once when Governor Johanns called the c-store and the clerk answered saying to Tom "Some guy who says he's the Governor is on the phone." I'm sure Gov. Johanns really called to discuss football scores since there was nothing else better to do. Was Senator Baker on the clock out of Lincoln? I'll let you decide.

Any senator that doesn't treat their job as full time WILL NEVER BE a good representative of their district.

Mike Baker


EDITOR's NOTE -- Mike Baker is Sen. Tom Baker's son.

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