Letter to the Editor

Silence is yellow

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dear Editor,

The A.C.L.U. supports the Following:

1. Free access to pornography, including Internet pornography access for children.

2. Freedom to desecrate our flag.

3. Hate crime laws.

4. Legalized child pornography.

5. Legalized drugs.

6. Legalized polygamy.

7. Legalized prostitution.

8. Mandatory comprehensive sex education, including detailed promotion of homosexuality and condom use.

9. Nudist camps for teenagers.

10. Open homosexuality in the military.

11. Partial birth abortion.

12. Prayerless schools.

13. Pro-homosexual school curriculums.

14. Publicly funded profane art.

15. Same sex marriages.

16. Tax-exempt status for Satanists .

17. The right of an organization to help pedophiles learn how to seduce children, molest them sexually, and hide their activities from authorities.

18. Violent and sexually explicit entertainment as protected speech.

Demonic spirits indwell and control people. These Demons are agitated when they hear or see the name of Jesus, the words "The blood of Jesus," The Word of God (Bible scripture), and a depiction of the Ten Commandments. Demons tremble before God. Demons recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and as their future judge.

Demons also tremble when they see and hear genuine praise and worship for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Speak up for and give Jesus the glory He deserves. Silence is not golden, it's yellow. This country is still worth fighting for.


George R. Anderson


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