Letter to the Editor

Did you get your $50?

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Bill Donze's plastic-lines pond holds rainwater to be used in irrigating his garden. (Bill Donze/McCook)

Dear Editor,

Did you pick up the $50 on your property Monday? No? Well, that is the amount of water that fell; did you save it?

My small roof collected it in buckets, barrels, tanks and small pond (and) now (I) have 1,250 gallons ready for spring planting. That water will allow gardening for 59 days without another rain. Without it, high-priced city water would not allow a garden to feed my family.

Since talk is cheap, here is a picture of my largest pond, at 600 gallons, in the back yard. It has a double layer of heavy plastic liner, at a cost of $11, that I must replace every two years. The five 50-gallon barrels, along with a 100- and a 300-gallon tank, are full, all are covered for children's safety and to control mosquitos in the summer.

I have already scattered herb seeds along the river banks.

As long as the river runs, the herbs will bring back nearly $1,000 this fall in tea and Stone Age medicines.

The worst sin on earth is to spread fear. The best one can do is spread hope through knowledge of the old ways.

Bill Donze,


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