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Keep it up, Mike

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dear Editor,

I identify closely with Mr. Hendricks in his admission that he loves to write about things that are "unforgiving" and "in your face." I am a regular contributor to the editorial page in Lincoln and Omaha newspapers and I also like to be confrontational and, yes, a bit arrogant when it comes to pointing out injustices and challenging the status quo.

My topics tend to lean towards human complacency about society's treatment of animals, which is in itself a daily visit to the altar of senseless violence and ignorance. Try telling the average Joe that there is overwhelming evidence that man is a vegetarian by nature.

Point out the huge database of medical, environmental and ethical problems surrounding the meat-centered diet and see how many friends you make. Illustrate for your readers the obviousness of how hunting is a self-sustaining industry that has at its heart the concept of killing for fun and entertainment and see how many icy stares you get from those who are too lazy to research your claims.

Even if you try to offer sensible alternatives, the hate you generate from the gullible and scientifically-challenged will always override any semblance of civility from those folks. I would say, "Keep up the good work, Hendricks! You know that the more flack you get, the closer you are to the truth."

After all, no one is going to get angry at someone whose claims are ridiculous and easily dismissed.

Larry Claasen,

via e-mail

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