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Defeat LB158

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Dear Editor,

Fluoride rears its ugly head again!

A bill in committee LB158 will required all municipalities over 1,000 population to fluoridate their water. They are trying to pass this legislation even though no city in the last 10 years has voted to accept fluoride in their water. They have all voted it down.

Facts are easier to come by now. Fluoride has never been approved by the FDA to be ingested; fluoride chemicals used in fluoridation are from unprocessed industrial waste products -- aluminum, steel etc. The fluoride that only touches your teeth is somewhat beneficial for the teeth. The fluoride you drink doesn't affect your teeth and is a waste. If you want to use fluoride the toothpaste is a better way to go. The scientists and professionals at EPA'S Headquarters Union in Washington D.C. called for a national moratorium on fluoridation -- meaning stop doing it!

Recent research found serious health problems linked to fluoridation as: arthritis, hip fracture, alzheimer's disease, cancer, hypothyroidism and many more.

Read the book "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson. Go online to www.fluoridealert.com.

Contact your state senator, Tom Baker, and tell him you're against fluoridation.

Ask those who favor fluoridation to produces scientific evidence that it is harmless and that it actually works.

LB158 goes against the grain of public acceptance that we do not want fluoridation in the first place. Why are these politicians wasting time on this bill? Don't they have anything better to do?


Gary Nielsen, D.C.


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