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Look again

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dear Editor,

On the USDA budget, President Bush may be on the right track when he suggested lowering the farm subsidies from a $360,000 to a $250,000 limit.

He has failed to mention the billions of dollars being spent for the food stamp program. For sure, food stamps are needed in this great nation. In this "land of plenty," no one should go hungry or be deprived of their needs, if needs are justified.

For those of you who are interested in the 2004 USDA budget of expenditures, these are the figures:

$41 billion spent for food and nutrition; including $30.9 billion on food stamps.

$9.5 billion for for farm subsidies.

The rest of the $94 billion USDA budget was spent for rural water projects and several other expenditures that don't have much to do with agriculture.

If you doubt these figures, call Sen. Chuck Hagel. He will be glad to enlighten you.


Eldon Moore,


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