Our area shares pride in Progress

Monday, February 21, 2005

Building off the success of last year's picture-filled Progress Edition, the staff of the McCook Daily Gazette decided to stay with the photographic theme this year and expand the scope.

They succeeded with one of the most plentiful photographic presentations in the newspaper's history. Starting today, the Gazette will feature daily sections packed with pictures of progress in the Golden Plains. Before the week is over, the newspaper will have printed more than 64 pages and in excess of 300 pictures.

Today's Progress section sets the stage with 12 pages containing 82 photographs in news and advertising columns.

In addition to McCook, there is photographic coverage of progressive happenings in Oberlin, Atwood, Bartley, Beaver City, Trenton, Cambridge, Arapahoe and Imperial.

Many more pictures and towns are yet to come, as Gazette photographers have traveled more than 1,000 miles and visited 20 towns in preparation for the 2005 Progress presentation.

"It takes a lot of teamwork to pull off a project of this scope," said Gazette Publisher Gene O. Morris. "When all facets of the newspaper operation are considered, we estimate it took more than a 1,000 hours to produce the Progress Edition."

City Editor Gloria Masoner served as editor and designer for the Progress presentation, placing pictures and cutlines in page form. She was working with ads produced by the sales and design staff and pictures and cutlines generated by the news team. The press, camera, mailroom, circulation and business departments also play key roles in massive Progress effort.

The edition would not have been possible without the progressive efforts of the business and professional firms of Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas. "Businesses in the area are moving forward in innovative ways," the publisher said. "Their leadership is essential as the Golden Plains faces the future."

The Gazette is presenting daily installments of the Progress Edition this year to give readers an opportunity to fully examine the progressive activities in the area. Take time to review all that's taking place. Together, this area shares pride in progress.

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