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Fence the ponds

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Dear Editor,

I am very surprised that after Scott (Hoffman)'s death that something has not been done to the freezing pound in Barnett Park so that there would not be another accident again.

Well it seems to me that we have such laws that say that if a person puts in a pond in their backyard, that you have to make sure it has a fence around it and that the fence has to be a certain height to protect other people and small children from coming in your yard and keeping small children from falling in and drowning.

Well, if we have laws like this, then why doesn't the city try to comply with them since private citizens have to for different reasons?

If that pond freezes over and is that dangerous, then why isn't there a high enough fence around it to protect people and animals from getting in and drowning?

What if that was a small child that fell in and the parent went in after it, instead of it being a dog? Nothing says that the fence can't be removed after winter and there is no fear of ice.  

Do we have to have another death or two before action is taken or can we take action before another loved one is gone? I would like some answers and I am sure some other people would too. Because, I can see some people with their own back yard ponds they go through a lot of trouble to keep things safe for their own protection, then why can't the city protect us.

Kevin Dunn


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