Letter to the Editor

Parking will never happen

Monday, January 24, 2005

I grew up in the McCook area for 10 years, and lived across the college and went their and graduted from the school in 1987.

Here is my question to the school, Why is it so important to now have parking spaces that would not solve the problem? When I was growing up, parking by the house was a problem, but the neighborhod accepted inconvenince of parking for the students. Now the college wants to destroy the neighborhood and the history of the town.

From the time that I left McCook, I have kept in touch with friends and family in the McCook area. As time has gone by, the town has not made the wisest decisions for the town. The college doesn't need the space for parking stalls. At one time, the college was going to close down, due to enrollment. This was during the '90s. So, can the college say in the next 10-15 years that enrollment will rise and stay consistant?

The college better be ready for a battle. As I am concerned, this will never happen.

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