Letter to the Editor

Short sightedness

Friday, January 21, 2005

Dear Editor,

We have to concur with Michael and Candy Owens' comments about the short-sightedness of the decision to not help the college expand with a new parking lot. The economic impact of MCC to our area so greatly affects every citizen and business owner in the community.

The students come to McCook from all over the country (and world).

The new blood, the new life, the new ideas, the education, training and sports! In addition, the innumerable dollars the college and the students pour into McCook's economy -- from computers, to cars, to apartments to restaurants. Don't forget the jobs and employment opportunities MCC brings to the area! Well, I could ramble on forever.

My sister-in-law Lisa came up with another suggestion in regards to the conundrum of how to allow the college to expand and the sentimental value of Weiland Field.

What about building a beautiful new stadium with the land next to the high school and dedicate it to Ron Coleman? "Coleman Field."

What a win-win for everyone! The college can expand, McCook can grow, the high school students and out of town guests have a beautiful new stadium, and all the business owners on the west end of town would benefit too.

And what a wonderful legacy to a great man and family! Just something to ponder in the decision making process.


Becky Kilpatrick

Lisa Kilpatrick


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