Letter to the Editor

Crying wolf?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dear Editor,

I don't mean to cry wolf, but thought this story worth repeating.

Talking with a man living south of McCook, he shared this story. He said he was checking stock tanks and breaking ice. He also checked often a farm pond too shallow to drown a cow -- but a stupid cow could still get stuck out there -- so as he walked over the ridge, he spotted, near the pond, a ghostly figure. It was too tall for a dog and too short for a deer. A long-legged critter with a grayish white fur. The animal loped off in seconds. "Call me crazy, but I saw a wolf."

He finished by saying, with a calf crop coming next month and a banker wanting his ranch, he'll take care of the wolf the next time he sees him.

I have, over the years, had other reports from hunters seeing a wolf, but since they were high school kids, I figured it was just somebody's big dog, but maybe they saw IT.

Oh, then northeast of McCook, I have reports of mountain lion sightings this last week.

Mountain lions to the north, wolves to the south, and our government worried about seating at the fairgrounds, ya got to love McCook.

Sure going to make for an interesting garden season on the river banks, as my hoe can take care of rattlers, but I fear it's a bit short for fighting saber-tooth critters.

William D. Donze,


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