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Remember the lonely

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Dear Editor,

I have been away from McCook for years, but back every month to see my mom in the El Dorado Manor in Trenton.

This article (Mike at Night "The dark side of Christmas" http://www.mc-cookgazette.com/story/1084473.html) really was excellent. We have no idea how very lucky we are to have a home, etc.

When you mentioned being alone (on) Christmas, I think of my mom and all those folks in the homes all alone and lost.

It would be nice for people looking for something to do to just visit the homes and talk to those people that have no one come and visit them; they are so lonely.

Anyway, thank you for your article.

I really enjoy reading the Gazette over my computer, what did we ever do without them?

Gwen Patton

via e-mail

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