Traditional fund drive continues

Friday, December 17, 2004

One of the most treasured traditions in the McCook area is community and alumni support for McCook Community College.

Through the years, the giving tradition has helped the college thrive, leading to the development of the beautiful campus that now stretches from East First Street to East Fifth Street in northeast McCook, across the street from Kelley Park.

With the improvements made in the past few years -- including the Hormel Business and Technology Center and the Advanced Studies Center -- the college now possesses facilities and services which surpass that of much larger communities and colleges.

A lot of the credit for the advancements at the college in the past 30 years must go to the McCook College Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of alumni and area supporters, the college foundation has provided well over a million dollars of support for the college. This includes the $500,000 that the McCook College Foundation contributed to the McMillen Hall renovation.

If you haven't done so already, take time to drive by and walk through the college's central building at 1203 East Third Street. There's an attractive new sign in place, calling attention to the fact that McCook Community College, established in 1926, is the first junior college in Nebraska.

As impressive as support for McCook Community College has been, the giving must go forward. Because, if the McCook campus is to continue its leading role in community college education, advances in programs and services must continue.

To assist in that effort, the McCook College Foundation is calling upon alumni and friends to include the foundation in their charitable giving. In a year-end appeal, the foundation president, Dr. Mike Owens, asks that alumni and friends review donor opportunities to uphold the heritage and future of MCC.

The need is ongoing. Just this past year, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the McCook College Foundation, the foundation board authorized 25 additional renewable board designated scholarships.

Gifts of any amount will help keep the college and its students at the forefront of education. Contributions may be sent to McCook College Foundation, Box 195, McCook, NE 69001. For information about specific college needs, prospective donors may contact Stephanie Gunter, the foundation's director of administration, at 345-5233.

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