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Replace flags

Friday, December 10, 2004

Dear Editor,

I was born and raised in McCook and have family there so we are there several times a year. Since the war in Iraq I have made it my business to inform companies or home owners that the American flag that they are flying is in need of replacement or taken down until a new one can be purchased.

I e-mailed Marc, fire chief for McCook, and it was replaced and I thank him for that.

I haven't been back since I e-mailed the city of McCook about the flag at Karrer Park that needs replaced or taken down.

I hope something has been done. I have a nephew, Staff Sgt. Michael T. Roth, who is over in Kuwait and this is my way of supporting all of the troops who are over there fighting to keep American safe.

If you are reading this please take the time to look out your window and check to see if you need to replace your flag.

I have also been to the cemeteries during Memorial Day and have replaced some of the flags that are put up for all the Vets.

I'm not sure who puts those up but it is time to buy new ones, surely they can set up a glass on the bar for people to contribute to a flag fund for the cemeteries.

Jackie L. Ginther,

via e-mail

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